Renewable energy solutions are cost-effective, innovative, and timesaving. As we develop these solutions, we build energy alternatives that are sustainable and smart. Texas Solar Energy realizes how vital energy is to our environment. We are passionate about developing solar energy applications for residential and commercial properties

Our professional consultants will assist you in planning and designing the most affordable and efficient solar system for the home or business. We provide a variety of solar energy options for affordability and efficiency.


Solar panels are uniquely designed to gather light energy from the sun and convert it to heat, electricity, and power. Texas Solar Energy has the expertise to install the right solar panel for your needs. We are a solar panel company. You can use solar panels to heat your home, swimming pool, recreation vehicle, and much more. Our range of solar panel selections is extensive so that we can cover a multitude of projects. They are low maintenance coming with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. Please consult with us to explore solar panel options.


Solar cells are found in calculators and many more devices. The calculator provides an example of how solar is used to power its operation. This photovoltaic process keeps the calculator functioning without any need for a battery. Solar cells save us lots of money when it comes to batteries. These cells are unique and become a more potent alternative energy source.


Many countries are considering the value of solar energy to its economy and way of life. Texas Solar Energy specializing in solar energy system design and installation. Whether for residential or commercial use, Texas Solar Energy has the right team of experts that can create renewable and sustainable energy systems by using solar power technologies. Together we can make a difference and save you money.


One of the strengths of solar energy is the variety of options with which you can use it. As a solar energy sales and installation company, the consumer will be informed about the many available solar energy options. Solar kits are available to power your cell phone on the trail or generate electricity for your vacation cabin in an emergency. Solar kits vary in size, power, and purpose. You will be surprised at how many solar power kits can be created for specific needs.


Solar panels are great assets for your home or business. Solar panels can be installed to provide heat for your swimming pool to keep it nice and warm and provide lights for the indoors and outdoors. Consider Texas Solar Energy for your design and installation.

For a complete professional solar energy design, let us be your solar energy experts. We believe in renewable energy as being the energy for the future. That is why we believe in being innovative with solar energy. Your solar energy solution will be complete with the team from Texas Solar Energy.


Renewable and sustainable energy resources are what Texas Solar Energy is all about. As a provider of solar energy systems, you will find Texas Solar Energy not only provides the equipment for solar solutions but is also a one-stop-shop for you. Our expert professionals will devote their time to customize a solar solution of your dreams. Not only will they design the system, but they will also install it efficiently.


When it comes to solar energy installation, Texas Solar Energy wants to be your provider. We have the expertise to install your solar energy system. You can rely on us for solar panel installations and solar kit applications.

We are a reliable partner committed to providing the customer with outstanding solar energy system design and installation. You can rely on Texas Solar Energy to be your provider.


It is essential to design and install the right solar system for energy efficiency. You will find that support in Texas Solar Energy. You can count on us to design and install your solar system. We offer a full site of support options.


Texas Solar Energy believes in reliable solar energy solutions. Our goal is to provide you with a solar energy solution you can use for years. That goal is fully realized through our expert design, installation and support.

Texas Solar Energy provides a complete package of solar energy technology. We provide solar energy expertise, reliable service, and support. We are in the solar energy business to promote renewable and sustainable energy through solar power innovation. You can rely on us for solar system installations, solar kit applications, and solar system maintenance. We install on and off the grid solar systems.

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